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Semi-Permanent Cosmetics 

...makes you feel beautiful.

We regard each client as an individual with their own individual needs. Each procedure is conducted with the highest medical standards, under medical supervision. While maintaining medical quality, each procedure's goal is focused on delivering an artistic approach. A specific look is designed based on the desires of the patient, and each patient has the undivided attention of Virginia to complete their ultimate goal.  She listens and helps to deliver to you what your heart's desire is.


Many see Permanent Makeup and Semi-Permanent Makeup as a tattooing process. It is somewhat a type of tattooing; however, it is not the same as a body tattoo.  Facial micropigmentation is part science and part art.  At Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics, it is a process of medical micro-implantation, in which a medical device - specifically designed for the face and delicate parts of the body, is used for implantation administration. The highest quality of medically-compounded anesthetizers, equipment, and pigments are used. Our high standards set us apart from the competition, and ensure that you will have a beautiful experience from start to finish.  We promise. 


Permanent Cosmetics is regulated as tattooing in the State of Missouri, regulations vary depending on the State. We strongly advise you to verify an individual’s artistic abilities, licensing, certification, and current credentials before going forward with your procedure.

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