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Just when I thought kindness was a thing of the past, I went to Virginia for my eyeliner and then my eyebrows.  She's skilled and treated me with respect!  I HIGHLY recommend Laser Me and Virginia Schulte!

 Lexi M. March 3, 2019


Stacy Martin recommends Laser Me and Virginia Schulte.

Virginia is truly a microblading angel 😇. She was able to fix my previous microblading tragedy that was done here in St. Louis about a year ago! I ❤️ Virginia and Laser Me!  Beautiful results!   2/17/19

She's the BEST!  She did mine,(eyeliner) too!  Best $$$ I ever spent! 

Judy Fry 2/17/19

Virginia made amazing, excellent job for my microblading eyebrows.  I have eyebrows now!!!

Tamara 2/16/19

This is a hidden secret.  They really belong in Clayton.  Beautiful, comfortable office.  Great staff!  Love Laser Me and I  love Virginia!  My eyeliner is amazing.   2/13/19

I love this place!   Very professional, very clean and friendly.  By the way, I love my new brows.  Had them done about 2 months ago.  No one knows that I had this done.   Isn't that wonderful???

Feb. 13, 2019


This was the best decision I ever made.  I had Virginia do by eyebrows and eyeliner the same day.  I was basically healed up in just a few days and even going to work, no one suspected!  I love Laser Me!  I love Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics! January 3, 2019


Virginia is the best!  Had eyebrows micro bladed and eyeliner done.  Virginia is so in tune to her client's needs. 

She makes you feel like you are so special.  My results are great.  Don't waste time searching...if you found the Laser Me site, or Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics site, you have arrived at your beautiful destination!!! 

Rhonda Borutta a.k.a Rondonna 1/29/19

Virginia is an amazing artist. She is patient even when dealing with the most difficult customer, me. She is awesome! I highly recommend her.  January 26, 2019

I wish I had come here first.  I went to a Plastic Surgeon's office but ended up needing a true professional to help me.  Thank you Virginia!  I always want to call you Victoria.  Ha!  December 28, 2018


Virginia & her staff are Wonderful. Very comfortable-personable atmosphere.

Thank you for making me look good! 

December 1, 2018


Virginia is GREAT!  I highly recommend the permanent eyeliner. 

November 25, 2018

Booked an appointment for my mom for a microblading procedure and speaking with Virginia and the staff was a pleasure! It was easy, reassuring, professional and all around an experience of excellent service. My mom and I both are excited about our new and fresh look!. 

November 5, 2018

I met Virginia today and had my eyebrows done. She is a lovely lady both inside and out. Her work (art) is fantastic -- have already gotten compliments galore !!
Thank you so much.  Sally B.

October 15, 2018

Thank you for making me feel like I was your only client! And your kindness as well as your attention to detail!  S.W.

September 2018

“Very pleasant experience!” R.C. 

September 2018

Love it ; love it. Thanks a bunch for wonderful service. S.R.

Virginia does a fantastic job, I'm very pleased. One of the nicest ladies I've ever dealt with. I had my eyebrows done by someone else years ago and was not pleased, Virginia did a great job correcting them!!!!   

TS  7/20/18

Wanted to give a shout out about my new eyebrows.  Have had several people not believe me when I told them that these are not naturally grown hairs on my brows.  I keep telling them they are called microblade eyebrows!  Hope you get lots of calls from my friends, family and neighbors. 

K.J. Town and Country  6/15/18

Good morning, Virginia!  Have to tell you that the microblade eyebrows you did for me look REAL!  I've gotten so many compliments!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Oh!

I LOVE not drawing on eyebrows every day of my life!  I'm telling everyone about you!  Call Virginia at 636-391-0015!  Thought they might not have your number!  Ha!

Jamie B., Chesterfield, MO 5/19/18

My new permanent makeup looks so natural.  I was scared at first but after getting started everything just got so much better.  I love the results and Virginia did an amazing job.  I would highly recommend her. 

Nicole 5/1/18

“Had a great experience, makes me look so much better. Virginia was wonderful, so caring.” Barbara N.  9/18/2018


I was so scared of pain and look like I had ugly eyebrows or huge ones or black ones, but I look very natural and actually YOUNGER!  My experience was totally painless, no kidding!  Virginia kept on top of my procedures and made sure I was going to be very satisfied!  I'm thrilled!  THANK YOU Virginia Schulte!    Jannis K. 9/5/18

I want to thank Virginia for doing my permanent eyeliner a week ago.
Everyone that has seen it has said it looks great.  I am very, very
happy with it.  Virginia was so caring and concerned about making sure I
was totally comfortable and that the procedure was pain-free.  I would
recommend Virginia to everyone wanting to have permanent cosmetics done.
Thanks a lot!!!

Connie F. 2/8/18

It took me a long while to work up the courage to even make the call to book in my eyeliner and eyebrows.  After doing this I can only tell everyone how thrilled I am to not look so washed out.  I don't have to worry about wiping off my eyebrows or find my eyeliner under my eyes every night.  Best thing I could have done for myself.  I highly recommend Virginia Schulte and Laser Me (she used to be STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser), yes truly beautiful permanent cosmetics! 

Carol K.


I love my eyebrows and lash-line! This was the best investment I've made in a long, long time. When you are pale, it really makes an impact...especially when you are not wearing makeup. Virginia is THE BEST I've ever seen and three of my family members have equally awesome results!

Laura S.

★★★★★ Virginia is amazing!! No pain! The best I've ever used!! Treat yourself to a gift for you!!!

Marigene D.


★★★★★ Virginia is top notch with permanent makeup she is a true artist! She did an excellent job on my eyebrows. I Highly recommend! No comparison. A wonderful place.  Deborah B. June 21, 2014

My experience with Virginia was top notch.  I would recommend anyone to go there!  Amy T. Missouri


*****I have used STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser many, many times.  The services are great and offer excellent results.  The staff is excellent and professional.  Virginia and Rachel really know their stuff.  I get compliments all the time on the work they have done. 

Julie L. Chesterfield

Thank you so very much, Virginia.  Last week I had eyeliner done and I love it!  The staff was professional and very welcoming!  In addition to doing a great job, you consistantly focused on my comfort level.  So very nice meeting you and look forward to seeing you again soon - I need eyebrows! :-)

Clayton MO JD

Susie K., April 11, 2018

My experience at STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser has been wonderful!  I love my eyebrows and eyeliner!  I'm coming in soon to get my lips done.  My girlfriend got hers done and they look AMAZING!  Thank you, Virginia Schulte!

Sandra S., Town & Country, MO


Life changing place with wonderful friends!  Very professional with a gentle, caring touch. 

Paulette P.

Thank you, Virginia Schulte, for a wonderful experience!!! I LOVE my eyebrows!


Katherine L. 


Highly recommend.  Great work and even better people!

Leila A. - Illinois

This is a great place of business ran by a great family and true professionals who have sincere passion about their services and beliefs.  I have been a customer since January 2012.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for services they provide. 

Nana Teresa

Thank you Kezia and Sofie, for doing a wonderful job on my hair removal.  I couldn't be happier.  I started somewhere else and had to leave because of the pain.  I don't hurt at all with your laser and love the way I'm treated when I'm in there!  You all feel like my home away from home!

Katherine L., Ballwin, MO

Thank you for your lovely staff and for my great experiences with this facilty.  I've done business with you for over 2 years now.  I've had my eyebrows and eyeliner done and I love it!  I've also just completed my last laser hair removal and can say that I'm enjoying the results!  No more razor burns! 


I've been treated with respect, and actually had fun coming in there.  I'm going to have to think of another excuse to come in!  Okay, tell Rachel I'm coming in for the Venus next!

Thank you again!

Pat B., Chesterfield MO


Just wanted to say thank you to STLPCL!  I bought a Groupon for permanent makeup in a prominent area near my home.  I went 3 X's and still didn't have what I wanted and it hurt!  Wish I could warn everyone before they do what I did! 


I am grateful now to have found Virginia Schulte.  She was able to correct the work of the first lady.  The lady told me that she had years of experience; but I'm not so sure about that, because this was a totally different experience to be in Virginia's hands. 


I have experienced so much care; and now I love my eyeliner and have beautiful brows.  My lips no longer have two different lines going on them!  The results are beautiful and my family and friends keep telling me how good I look!  I'm excited now.  Just wanted to say thank you so very much for a very professional and first-class experience.  I'm telling everyone I know!

Joyce S. Chesterfield, MO, January 31, 2017

I would like to take a minute of my time to compliment Virginia for
doing my eyeliner, I LOVE IT!!!!!
Virginia is so focused on the highest quality and for doing such a great
job.  SHE REALLY knows what she is doing and I love for it.
Thank you Virginia for helping me feel so beautiful about

Susan L., Clayton, MO

November 7, 2017

Absolutely fantastic!  That's how I feel about the service and staff!  I've been going for the Venus freeze and photo facials and could not have asked for better results.  I've tried other treatments at different facilities and NOTHING is better than what is offered at STL Permanent Cosmetics.  You won't be disappointed.


Patricia M.

5 Stars!   I started when I was much younger working nights as a nurse as well as being the mother of 3.  I thought it would be the perfect solution to running eyeliner and fading lip liner after a long night's work.   I had it done at a different place in town.  It was very unnoticable and unbelievably painful!  When I met Virginia years back she convinced me my experience with her would be much more positive, and it was!  She spent time ensuring that I was comfortable and not in any pain.  She took her time and was a perfectionist.  She is truely a kind and gentle person and it is reflected when she is working on you!  She is a really pretty lady that works hard as we all do to try and stay looking good as we are aging.  This is her business and she does it well.   Give this business a try!  You will like it! 

Stacy S. St. Louis, MO




Have had 7 underarm and 4 Brazilian laser hair removal treatments. I had so much hair under my underarms that every time I shaved I ended up with an itchy rash that lasted for days. They have top of the line equipment and I am just amazed at how little hair I have remaining in both areas. Most importantly is Sophie's professionalism with the Brazilian treatments. That was another ape-like hairy situation with hair at least 3 inches outside my bikini line and all the way back if you know what I mean. Gross! ...and another very uncomfortable shave/wax/nair/trim scenario. Sophie was so thorough and gracious with my underarms that I felt safe going to her for the Brazilian. She is just so very kind and somehow makes me feel that she is doing my lower leg while fully clothed when she is doing my entire vaginal area...and it's not a pretty sight at 43 after having kids! But I am more comfortable with her than even my ob gyn. It doesn't take very long at all and is virtually painless. The entire staff is extremely kind, organized, professional, and the environment is clean as can be. Pricing is extremely affordable. Highly, highly recommended. Angela K.



Wanted to thank you for my beautiful eyeliner, eyebrows and full lips! LOVE THE SHAPE of ALL THREE! I get lots of compliments on how "together" I look now! I don't always tell them "why"! Hey, I actually have been dating again, first time in years! I feel much more comfortable with myself! Thank you! PS: All the ladies in your office are professional, very warm and kind. It's been a great experience!



Love my eyeliner!  It is perfect!  I get up and go!  I call myself the "wash and wear girl".  Thank you Virginia Schulte and thank you STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser!

Christie K.

My visit today at STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser was one of the most relaxing and wonderful viists I have ever had.  I had their Venus treatment.  It was great!   Virginia and Rachel could not have been more helpful and caring.  Every step of the way, they were so professional.  My comfort and satisfaction was the top of their agenda.  If you are in need of a break, and you want to boost your self esteem,this is the place to go!  We've travelled all over the world and this is one of the top places to go for pampering and caring for your needs.  As for cost, they are worth every penny and more.  Just wanted to write as a satisfied customer.  This would make a great present for someone.  Wish I would have found them sooner. 


I have had permanent laser hair removal for my neck, back and chest and their lasers are awesome and the service is even better. It takes some time, but the results are worth it. They also have a amazing service called the Venus where it tightens your skin for a more youthful look. I couldn't believe the before and after pictures, I was truly shocked on how much more youthful I appeared. The staff are professional and the service is top notch! A definite must do if you are looking to improve your appearance and want to go to people who know what they are doing and really care about the customers. A+++ Rating!!!

Jason S.

This is the BEST place in St. Louis to come for permanent makeup and laser hair removal!  I love the staff!  I love the results!  I've had my eyeliner as well as eyebrows done.  I also have gotten my underarms and other areas done and couldn't be happier!

Sandy J.

Permanent Makeup St Louis
Absolutely the best permanent makeup I've ever seen. I've experienced it now after seeing so many of my friends also receive, now I have and can totally recommend St Louis Permanent Cosmetics! They are wonderful to do business with!

Joan W.


After thinking long and hard about having permanent eye liner done, i did my research and went with Virginia, the owner of STLPCL (now Laser Me). So thankful i did. Not only was she so patient and caring for making sure i was taken care of, and she did a beautiful job. I get comments about my eyes more than ever before. I went in wanting my eyes to "pop" and she went with a soft violet color that makes my hazel eyes seem so bright now.  I've now had my liner for over nearly 6 years and it still looks GREAT!
The color does not effect any shade of eye color I go with..
not only have I had my eyes done, but having laser hair removal done (on a few areas) and it so nice not to shave or tweeze anymore.
and the best one of all, is the VENUS Freeze. Decided to have my back of legs done and this summer is the first summer I am wearing shorts in years! the Cottage cheese look is gone!!!!!and I feel wonderful about myself again...Thank you Laser Me and Beautiful Permanent Cosmetics!!!

Lo R.

This treatment in itself is so warm and relaxing, at first you think there is no way this works - but it does!!!! it was like getting a warm massage with an permanent effect of smooth skin and melting the "cottage cheese"
This office is family owned and has a warm and comfortable feeling when you walk in the door. The staff truly enjoys helping their clients feel better about how we feel about ourselves!..When we look good - we do feel good!

Thank you Virginia and your staff!!!!

Good morning!  Just wanted to say that I've had 8 treatments on my face and neck and everyone keeps noticing how beautiful I look.  Rachel has also given me 3 of my 6 photofacials and I'm seeing a real smoothing of my skin as well as the tightening of my pores.  How exciting at my age!  I'm 66 and hated the sagging and brown spots.   It's like looking at someone else.

Next, I'm planning on some eyeliner and eyebrows with Virginia.  I've sent 3 friends in and they look amazing! 

Kathy T.


I got lasered by Hope, she is the best!  She is friendly, outgoing and made it easy to get lasered.  Thank you.

Robert M.

My experiences with STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser has been nothing but positive!  Love the laser technicians.   They are all very knowledgeable as well as kind.   

Sarah R. Chesterfield, MO


Great Experience!
This was a great experience for me for several reasons! Felt well taken care of and love the outcome! First started with permanent eyeliner, it is just the way I asked Virginia to do it. Then came back for eyebrows and more services. Virginia is tremendous at what she does; a real artist! Glad my friend told me about this place! Friendly staff and clean, comfortable surroundings!

Sandra S.

I had my first laser hair removal appointment last night.  I am very pleased.  The staff was friendly and knowledgable.  The procedure was quick and almost painless.  I'm happy!

Bella B.

I had heard of permanent makeup but never considered getting for myself, then a friend came into town and I loved hers. So, after researching what all is out there, decided to come to STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser. I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, hair removal packages, as well as my Venus Freeze treatments! By the way, my permanent makeup is so much better than my friends! I would never tell her! This is a lovely place to do business; and I hope I can always think of reasons to come in for something! Thank you, Virginia, Rachel, Sofie, Sally, and Kezia! I love you all!


I've had my eyeliner done here & the owner and artist Virginia is wonderful.  She's extremely concerned with pain management, and is very, very friendly.  I had previously had my eyeliner done with a Groupon deal & it was unbelievable painful, so I really appreciate the experience & talent here.  My mother & numerous friends of hers have been here as well, and all have been perfectly happy with the results.
Highly recommended for permanent makeup procedures.




I had my permanent makeup done by Virginia Schulte many years ago.  Can't even remember how long!  This is a very professional and kind company!  I still get compliments on my eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  Virginia gave me shape to my lips!  I was shocked as I thought I was only going to get some color!  My eyebrows look so natural that I have to show people that they are "done"!  I love my eyeliner because it makes my eyes POP!  I was treated like a princess (I think all women need this!).    I have returned in the last year to get my hair removal and have seen some outstanding results!  I'm getting ready to try the Venus Freeze!  My girlfriend loves how it has taken the cellulite away and tightened her up beautifully.  I'm jealous so that's why I'm coming in for that!  Anyway, thank you for everything.


To all the beautiful women at STL Permanent Cosmetics & Laser, particularly, Rachel, Sally, Sofina, Kezia and Virginia:  Thank you for super service and for helping me get rid of my heavy back hair.  I have just a little bit to go but instead of feeling like the hairest man in town, I am excited to see hardly anything left.  I've had 5 treatments and think just a couple of more might do it!  I have stayed out of the sun, etc.  Anyway, I think more people should say thank you, so...THANK YOU!


Hi!! "Rondonna" thinks your website is smashing!

Rhonda Borutta

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